Advisor: Jeff Christopher

Jeffrey M. Christopher
Wealth Manager

Prior to joining SSWM in 2002, Mr. Christopher was the President and Founder of Christopher Investment Counselors. He previously held positions at R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Merrill Lynch & Co., and Wachovia Bank and Trust Company, N.A.

Mr. Christopher directs client portfolios primarily through two areas of focus. The first involves compounding returns using a diversified portfolio supported by a trend-following model to reduce risk while lowering volatility. The second area of focus uses world class dividend growing companies to build portfolios with reliable dividend income and reliable dividend growth.

Jeff received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University where he was a student athlete.

Jeff is an avid reader. His interests include health, diet, aging and fitness. His favorite fitness activity is cycling but he also enjoys skiing. He has 12 years of experience as a youth sports coach.