Investment Opportunities




Our equity investment strategies focus on companies that demonstrate earnings growth but are trading at reasonable or even undervalued prices. We take a long-term view on equity investments to help maximize gains and minimize trading costs. Owning industry-leading companies, often with long committed records of dividend payments, helps achieve these objectives. Additionally, some of our advisors execute short-term tactical strategies to enhance returns.

These balanced investment strategies are supported by fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis on major core asset classes: ETFs, equities, fixed income and cash reserves. The portfolios follow a highly disciplined regimen to protect capital, capture returns and reduce volatility while having the flexibility to favor growth or value securities.



In addition to balanced investment strategies interested clients can request the adoption of additional methods of risk analysis which incorporate environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) within their portfolios. Sustainable & Responsible Investing (ESG) can be achieved through our ESG Model Portfolios or through customizable ESG dimensions.



Our fixed income investment strategies are diversified across maturities, securities and sectors with the portfolio duration managed relative to industry benchmarks. If the direction of future interest rates changes, the portfolio will be altered to reflect those changes. In every case, we seek a balance of risk and reward.



Our real estate investment strategies focus on development projects, residential apartments, restaurant and office properties, and utilize real estate investment trusts (REITs). Our senior executives have more than 60 years of combined real estate investment experience. We continuously inspect other forms of combined real estate opportunities as well.



Our alternative investment strategies invest in private equity funds and direct private companies. SSWM maintains its independence from investment bankers and seeks the best opportunities in venture capital, leveraged buyout funds, merchant banking and angel networks. Our private company investments have primarily been in the health care and technology sectors. We will at times have a seat on the board of directors or observer rights with the invested companies.

With hedge funds, we invest in individual funds or funds of funds after thorough research from our advisors to ensure the investment meets our client’s risk and return objectives.